White Creek Trail

Rellict Trillium – a state and federally endangered species.

I’ve seen trucks parked beside the road on the bluff above the Ocmulgee on Hwy 83 for years as I drove to Macon to ride my bike, eat, or drink good beer. i always just thought – hunters, and never considered it more than that. Last week I parked there for the first time and did a recon of the trail leading southeastward toward White Creek. I saw tons of rellict trillium and found some good mountain bike routes for the future. You can acutally follow a combination of trail, fire break, and FS road to get all the way from Hwy 83 to River Road (called Juliette Road in Jasper County). I lost the horse trail after about a mile and didn’t have any time to do trail maintenance that day but will be back to clean up that section soon.

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