Trail Maps

Jasper County has over 40 miles of trails, most are multi-use (hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian). The trails are primarily located in the Oconee National Forest in southwest Jasper County and in Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center in north Jasper County.

Here are some great maps to help you find trails and navigate them. If you want to explore these trails on your computer for route planning or see them on your GPS while out there, choose Open Street Map as a background map on your GPS (most GPS units have OSM as a background option). You can also go to to see the trails (they’ll show up as dark blue dotted lines). The images below reflect the Ocmulgee Trail system, about 38 miles in total. The big map at the bottom is all US National Forest trails on one map with topo included. It’s a fantastic map, but the pdf version it large so be patient on the open and navigation. For smaller image clips of individual trail sections organized by color try the links below. The color coding system is in the planning stage now, hopefully to be fully implemented and trails marked by the middle of 2019.

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