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In case maps aren’t your thing, we’ve listed recons alphabetically by type below. Click any topic to read more about it and see the options available in Jasper County.


Eagles, egrets, woodpeckers, and mallards. Enjoy being outside while checking some of Georgia’s 425 Georgia bird species from your list.


We don’t have mountains, but it’s fun to play on small rocks.


Need a primitive campground to pitch a tent? Jasper County has 11 of them in the Oconee National Forest.

Cycling – All Types

Road, Gravel, or Mountain biking – Jasper County has you covered. Choose your surface below, or click All Types to see everything we’ve got.


Bank fishing with a cane pole or seeking shoal bass in the Ocmulgee rapids, we’ll show you where to find it.


There are over 50 miles of hiking trails in the Oconee National Forest and at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. We’re not Switzerland, but Jasper County is beautiful and were right out your back door!

Horseback Riding

The Ocmulgee Trail System gets more use from equestrians than any other group. See why Jasper County is a regional horseback riding destination.

Historic Sites

Stagecoach routes, future presidents, cemeteries, POW camps, antebellum homes, and military raids: have fun finding where history happened.


Using lots of work by others, I’ve begun mapping cemetery locations and linking to existing records located elsewhere on the web.


Deer, dove, turkey, duck, raccoon, rabbit, squirrel – there is no shortage of game to keep you busy.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Fifteen fun miles of Ocmulgee River form our western border. It’s wild, scenic, and waiting for paddlers.

Natural Features

Have you seen the rare Iredell Flatwoods? How about the endangered Rellict Trillium? Explore Jasper County’s rare and beautiful spots.

Trail Running

Training for your next ultra or just want a change from the pavement. Here’s a great way to workout and explore at the same time!

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