Highway 83 Trailhead

For years I drove over the last hilltop crest before Highway 83 sloped down to the Ocmulgee Bridge and wondered why trucks were parked on the side of the highway. I figured they were deer hunters, and some of them might be; but many of them were probably trail users of one sort or another. There area two parking areas, one on either side of Highway 83 at the very crest of the hill about 0.6 mile north of the bridge. Each side will park maybe 3 cars conveniently in the small grassy cleared areas. Heading southwestward from the northwest side of the highway is the River Trail South Section. It’s about 1.8 miles from the highway to the Ocmulgee Flats Approach Trail. Heading southeastward from the southeast side of the highway is the White Creek Trail, which leads eventually to roads that lead you to Juliette.

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