Wise Creek Hike

From GA Hwy 83 up the west side of the County to Wise Creek, the Ocmulgee trail network is relatively dense, having lots of opportunities to loop around and wind your way home through a different route. From the Wise Creek takeout northward, the trails are longer and less interconnected. That means out-and-back hikes are more common ‘up north’ (or you can take two vehicles and strategically place one near the end of a hike).

The Wise Creek Trail’s southern end begins at the Wise Creek take-out on FS 1089. From that point, you can hike 2.6 miles up wise creek to the Kinard Creek Trail / Rush Creek Trail intersection, where you can extend your jaunt in either direction at that point, maybe to a car at the Rush Creek Trailhead or maybe at Lane Road. I particularly enjoy this hike in February, when spring is just around the corner and the wetlands vegetation hasn’t thickened yet for the year. Some February pics of the area are below and the hike map and profile is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy.

Twin Beeches
Total distance: 2.6 mi
Total climbing: 407 ft
Download file: Wise Creek Trail.gpx
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