White Creek Loop Hike

Starting from the Hwy 83 Trailhead you can hike a 5.5-mile loop beginning with White Creek Trail towards Juliette, but after crossing White Creek, follow Terrapin Creek up to a nice rock crossing that leads up to FS Road 1127. FS 1127, which is really a perimeter fire break, leads around to the north where you cross back over White Creek. The Goat Trail used to lead from this point northeastward up to FS 1021, but now is overgrown. So after crossing White Creek again, head north parallel to the tributary of White Creek. There is no trail in this location yet, but the open bottom woods are pretty open. When you find a good crossing just south of Hwy 83, cross to the west side of the tributary and continue northward to Hwy 83, where you’ll see FS 1099A across the road. Take it to Beck Bluff and then follow Beck Bluff Loop westward to Ocmulgee Flats Hunt Camp, where you can take the Ocmulgee Flats Approach Trail to the river. The River South Trail will lead southward back to your start point.

Total distance: 5.27 mi
Total climbing: 876 ft
Total time: 08:35:27
Download file: White Creek loop.gpx
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