Flow vs Trail Access

I’ve been curious about how certain Ocmulgee River flowrates corresponded to various flooding conditions along the River. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but the recent 4.5 inches of rain gave me some good data points. First of all, at the peak 25,000 cubic feet per second (cfs), every part of the floodplain is flooded in 2-6′ of water or more, which is expected. Here’s what Crowe Branch bottom looked like:

Crowe Branch floodplain at 25,000 cfs

I saw some of the small tributaries on Tuesday. Most were still flooded out of their banks at 11,000 cfs. Today I visited the area of River Trail, south section, near 1st Branch and 2nd Branch. The floodplain and River Trail was dry at 8,100 cfs; but the crossing at 2nd Branch was completely inundated with the little footbridge floating in the middle of a 75′ wide flooded creek bottom.

2nd Branch at 8,100 cfs (see bridge floating at center)

At 1st Branch, only the channel itself was inundated, but that still provided a 10′-15′ flooded channel to cross. I’m guessing the flow will have to drop below 5,000 cfs or so before 1st and 2nd Branch are passable by horse, foot, or mountain bike.

1st Branch crossing at 8,100 cfs (about 5′ deep and 15′ across)

Second Branch is here:

First branch is here:

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