Pond 2A (Piedmont Wildlife Refuge)

Pond 2A is a beautiful 43-acre lake that’s great for bank or small boat fishing. It’s located off Three Loop Road in the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge, just north of the Jones County Line. According to the sign at the site (below), you can catch bass, catfish, sunfish, bream, and crappie at Pond 2A. A map showing its location below. Here’s a link to the PWR fishing web page: Fishing-PWR

Pond 2A is the only pond in the Jasper County portion of the PWR that has a boat ramp (Allison Lake in Jones County does also).

PWR fishing regulatory info: Permits may be obtained at the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge visitor center or by contacting us.  The visitor center (478 986-5441) is open 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekdays, except federal holidays. On weekends and evenings, permits are available at the Allison Lake kiosk and at the entrance to the Little Rock Wildlife Drive. You may fish at Piedmont PWR beginning March 15th through September 30th during daylight hours only. Boats with electric motors are permitted in all ponds open to fishing. Gasoline motors are prohibited. Boat ramp access is available only at Pond 2a and Allison Lake.

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