Mountain Biking

Until 2019 I would have told you there wasn’t any single-track mountain biking in Jasper County.  But now there are quite a few miles of good single-track in the Ocmulgee River Trail System in the Oconee National Forest in southwest Jasper County if you like the backcountry exploration-type trails mixed in with a bit of logging road here and there. This mountain biking is different than the Dauset Trails type experience; it’s a mix of flowy floodplain singletrack with minimal roots, there aren’t many zig-zag switchback sections, but longer sustained climbs on upland trails and a few forest service roads with a little bit of county maintained dirt road thrown in here and there for connectivity.  Click on either one of the start locations below to see the MTB loops from that location, or on one of the route links below:

Start Locations:

MTB Loops and Routes:

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