Ocmulgee Flats to Juliette

From the Ocmulgee Flats Campground on FS Road 1099 (which is about a mile off Hwy 83), it’s about 8 miles to Juliette by singletrack and dirt road. Start at the campground, take the approach trail west and turn left to take the River Trail (South Section) southward a couple of miles to cross over Hwy 83, where the trail will change to the Juliette Trail. There’s a long straight ridge section on the Juliette Trail before it dives down to cross over White Creek, then bend northward to parallel Terrapin Creek. There’s a nice rock crossing over Terrapin Creek and a short uphill section to Juliette Trail’s dead end into USFS Road 1127. Turn right on 1127 and take it until you intersect Juliette Road, a county-maintained dirt road which turns into River Road when you cross over into Jones County. Turn right and take Juliette/River Road until you reach paved Round-Oak Juliette Road, where you’ll turn right across the scenic bridge. The town of Juliette, with it’s weekend shops and the Whistle Stop Cafe will be on your left. On weekends you can likely find misc eat/drink in Juliette. Otherwise, continue another 1/2 mile on Road Oak-Juliette Road up to its intersection with GA87/US23 where you’ll find a convenience store.

Total distance: 8.14 mi
Total climbing: 1125 ft
Total time: 02:42:28
Download file: Flats to Juliette.gpx
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