Beck Bluff Warmup Loop CCW

This one is the shortest. Start out of the campground headed eastward on the Beck Bluff Trail. This is probably the easiest way to climb to Beck Bluff, which is about 110 feet higher than the campground. It’s not a super-easy climb, but more gradual than the other options. After getting to the top, cross the logged out pine beetle area, go past Beck Bluff, down a section of double-track, through Musk Field, and down a section of flowy FS road to FS 1099 then back to the campground. It’s a short and simple little warmup loop that takes 10-12 minutes at a mellow pace.

Total distance: 1.4 mi
Total climbing: 174 ft
Total time: 00:11:12
Download file: Micro Beck Bluff loop CCW.gpx

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