Cycling in Jasper County

If you want to enjoy the county on two wheels, click on a specific section below or check out all cycling types on one map here.

Gravel Cycling

Play to your strengths, they say: well, dirt roads are definitely a strength of Jasper County! At least five annual gravel rides/races use Jasper County Roads. In the gravel cycling section we’ll show you how to find the good stuff. The gravel cycling route list is here and the gravel cycling map can be found here.

Road Cycling

There aren’t many paved roads in the county that aren’t good for road riding. Some of them have what I call a rural surface, but most are great. Check out a road bike route list here or view our road cycling map here to see routes, water sources, good places to park, and the best of our roads, which are highlighted in green. In the cooler months, starting or ending your ride at the Vanilla Bean coffee shop on the square is a good option.

Mountain Biking

The mountain biking in Jasper County is backcountry style, not frontcountry. It’s a fantastic rustic way to explore the 40 miles of trails along the Ocmulgee in western edge of Jasper and also to check out Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. The MTB route list can be found here and the MTB map is here.

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