Ocmulgee Flats Campground

Ocmulgee Flats Campground is a primitive campground (and trailhead) like others in Jasper County, but is probably the most frequently used and the most trailer/camper friendly of any of them. The amenities include plenty of good parking and camping space with an information kiosk and a good number of nearby trails. Horse trailer or camper parking and turnaround is easy. The campground extends to both sides of FS Road 1099. It’s a good spot to begin an horse ride, a hike, or a mountain bike ride.

The campground is one mile from Hwy 83 after turning onto the south entrance of Forest Service Road 1099, which is about a mile north of the Hwy 83 Ocmulgee River Bridge. (take the southern entrance of 1099, as it’s a loop road). In deer hunting season expect to find the camp more crowded with a few hunters than in other times of year.

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