Big Oak Campground

It’s only USFS campground on the eastern side of Jasper County. Big Oak Campground is probably the most secluded (set) of campground(s) in Jasper County. Located off FS 1044, which comes off of Joe Phillips Road, which is off of Clay Road, it doesn’t get much traffic. There are really two different campgrounds at the end of FS 1044. It splits right near its end, and I can see evidence of campfire rings at both cul-de-sacs. Both are more inviting, I think, than many of the other smaller campgrounds in the county. They are nothing fancy, mindyou, but I would pitch a tent in either one and feel very much a long way from the world.

Big Oak (west) Campground
Big Oak (west) Campground
Big Oak (south) Campground
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