Probably our most notable local bird is the Red Cockaded Woodpecker, and endangered species and primary management target for the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge in south Jasper County. As I perform more birding recons and gather more info about our local birding opportunities, I’ll list them here.

Birding in the Piedmont Wildlife Refuge

Audubon – How to Start Birding

The Red Cockaded Woodpecker

Here is some info about local birding that I found in Birdwatcher’s Digest: The Piedmont NWR is about 20 miles east of I-75 in Forsyth, just north of Macon. This refuge is best known for resident red-cockaded woodpeckers and Bachman’s sparrows, both of which are most easily seen in spring and early summer. There are miles of dirt roads through loblolly pine forest to explore, as well as several lakes and other habitats. In summer many notable species found here include Acadian flycatchers and prairie, hooded, and Kentucky warblers. In winter many sparrow species can be observed in the fields, and a few ducks can be found in the lakes.

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